Easter Candy Recipes for the Whole Family

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You fill your child’s Easter basket with candy. But what happens when there are leftovers? While the kiddos would gladly eat all the sugary goodness, you’d prefer that they didn’t lay waste to it right away. Save some of that Easter candy and turn it into delicious desserts — that the whole family can help to make.

Easter Peeps Sundae

A scoop of ice cream, a circle of whipped cream and a few Easter Peeps can make for the perfect Sunday sundae. Before spooning the ice cream into a bowl, chop up a few Peeps into small-sized bits. Make sure to use the fresh, gooey ones and not the treats that are stale or hard. Mix the marshmallow bits into the ice cream for added fun. Keep in mind, Peeps are chewy and pose a choking hazard to young children. If you have kids of preschool age or under, just top the sundae with the candy. Also, make sure that everyone chews the ice cream and doesn’t slurp it down.

Jelly Bean Brownies

Bake your favorite batch of brownies. Instead of frosting it with chocolate icing, use a green hue (or mix green food coloring in with white icing). Top the brownies with a rainbow of jelly beans.

Easter Bark

Melt white chocolate down and mix in spring-colored sprinkles. Spread it across a wax paper-covered baking pan and pop it into the freezer until it hardens. When it’s solid, break the bark apart into pieces.