Fun Father’s Day Breakfast Recipes for Kids to Make

fruit breakfast

Give the special guy in your life a true treat with breakfast in bed! Celebrate Father’s Day with these easy-to-make kid-created recipes. These super-simple ideas are perfect for preschoolers, but still fun for older kids and teens to try too.

Breakfast Bowl

Whip up a healthy treat for dad on his day. Smoothie bowls are growing in popularity. Instead of simply blending a smoothie, pour the delish drink into a bowl, add fruit, oats or another topping. Pick dad’s favorite fresh fruits to start. Mix these with yogurt in the blender. Top with shredded coconut, sliced bananas or anything else dad might enjoy.

Morning Pizza

Forget about reheating last night’s dinner. This pizza is a true breakfast treat. Toast pita or another round bread. Coat the toast with dad’s pick of nut butters. Top the toast with sliced apples (remove the peel first), bananas or another fruit. Add a few chocolate chips or raisons for a sweet treat!

Yogurt Parfait

Layer flavored yogurt, fresh berries and granola in a tall glass. Create an alternating color pattern or mix up the flavors. Chill the parfait for half an hour before serving. If your child wants to add a special something to the treat, spoon whipped topping on before serving.