Thanksgiving Leftover Breakfast Ideas


The Thanksgiving feast doesn’t end on the holiday. If you have leftover turkey, potatoes and other tasty treats, check out how you can turn the rest of your menu into after-the-day meals—for breakfast. So go ahead and treat your family to the best post-Thanksgiving breakfast they could dream of.

Turkey Egg English Muffin

Turn yesterday’s turkey into a tasty breakfast sandwich. Pull apart pieces of turkey, shredding or dicing it. Toast an English muffin, layer turkey, an egg (choose your/your child’s favorite style) and cheese on top. Sneak extra veggies into your kids’ sandwiches and add a slice of tomato, mashed Brussel sprouts or leaf spinach.

Cranberry Pancakes

Do you have leftover cranberries? If they didn’t all make it into the sauce, add a handful into your favorite pancake recipe. Cook as you normally would and top the tasty breakfast treats with yesterday’s cranberry sauce instead of maple syrup.

Potato Breakfast Burrito

Make a breakfast wrap with your leftover potatoes and almost anything else you have from Thanksgiving dinner. Fill a soft flour or corn tortilla shell with potatoes, shredded turkey, green beans, Brussel sprouts or other veggies. Add shredded cheese and scrambled eggs, and then fold the shell. Make this an easy meal and heat the wrap in the microwave until the filling is warm. Top the entire treat with cranberry sauce or leftover gravy and cheese.