Easy Red, White and Blue July 4th Desserts

fruit pie

Your Fourth of July party isn’t complete without a red, white and blue dessert. Don’t stress if you aren’t exactly a culinary genius. You can whip up any of these family-friendly ideas without much fuss. Get the kids to help, letting them measure and mix or do the prep work.


Gelatin Parfaits

Make two batches of gelatin – one red (raspberry, cherry or strawberry) and one blue (blue raspberry). Instead of pouring the liquid gelatin into some sort of pan or mold, fill fancy wine glasses part of the way up. Chill the gelatin. When it’s set, top each glass with whipped cream or whipped topping.

A Flag of Cookies

Bake three batches of cookies – one red, one white and one blue. Use a plain sugar cookie mix (or your favorite recipe), and add either red, blue or no food coloring to each batch. After baking and cooling the cookies, it’s time to get decorating. Set out a rectangle-shaped piece of cardboard as a base. Line the non-colored and red cookies up as stripes. Make a rectangle with the blue cookies at the top left. Sprinkle small-sized star-shaped candies over the blue area to complete the flag.

Berry Pizza

Skip the major baking step for this recipe and buy a ready-made chocolate chip cookie cake. Choose one that isn’t already decorated. Smother it with white frosting. Top the frosting with red berries (strawberries and raspberries) and blueberries.