Valentine’s Day Love Bug Candy

Love Bugs

You want to make some super-special sweets for Valentine’s Day. But, you aren’t exactly a baker. Don’t worry. While those adorable heart-shaped cupcakes and layered red and pink confetti cakes may look nice, your family will appreciate even a simple treat. Grab a handful or chocolate candy kisses, a few holiday-themed sprinkles and get ready to try out this no-bake Valentine’s Day dessert. Not only is this easy enough for even the novice chef to put together, but the kids can get in on the action and make a few of their own too!


  • Chocolate candy kisses
  • Marshmallow fluff (or you can melt mini marshmallows in the microwave until they are spreadable)
  • Valentine’s Day colored (red and pink) sprinkles
  • Candy eyes

How-to Steps:

  1. Coat the kisses in marshmallow fluff. Use a spoon or use your fingers to spread the marshmallow over the chocolate. Mold it around the chocolate, so that it sticks.
  2. Add the sprinkles (you can also use colorful crystalized sugar). You can shower the marshmallow-covered chocolates with the sprinkles or roll them in the sugary accents.
  3. Press the candy eyes onto the front of the kisses to make little ‘love bugs’.

Optional: Instead of plain sprinkles use mini heart-shaped versions!