4 Father’s Day Breakfast In Bed Recipes

Father's day

Start dad’s day off with a sweet surprise. That’s right, make him breakfast on Father’s Day. Okay, so kids aren’t exactly known for their culinary skills. That’s okay. These recipes are easy to make, but still pack a tasty punch that dad will adore.

Smothered Pancakes

Dad typically covers his pancakes with a generous coating of maple syrup. Why not try something different for Father’s Day. Instead of the traditional syrup topping, smother dad’s breakfast cakes with a layer of peanut butter (or make a PB and J sandwich with two pancakes), chocolate sauce or flavored cream cheese.

Sundae Breakfast

Yes, you read that right. It’s a sundae for breakfast. Line the bottom of the bowl with a crispy waffle. Spoon in a fruit sorbet and top the sundae with fresh fruit (try berries, apple slices, peaches or pears).

Egg Sandwich

You can cook the eggs (dad’s favorite way – scrambled, sunny side up or however else he likes them) and let the kids put the sandwich together. Use toast, a bagel or an English muffin, and add in cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber slices or anything else dad likes.

Crazy Candy Bacon

Believe it or not, bacon and chocolate are absolutely, awesomely amazing together. You can fry up a batch of bacon, and let the kids drizzle chocolate on top (just a little, don’t smother the bacon). Serve this as a side or as a breakfast dessert.