3 Recipes to Use Your Easter Eggs In

Easter eggs

You spent an entire afternoon coloring those Easter eggs. They look super-pretty. But, now Easter day is over and you’re stuck with a fridge that’s filled with hardboiled eggs. What can you do with those eggs? Check out these easy holiday recipes that you use on the day of or the day after. And, the kids can even help you with these family-friendly ideas. Keep in mind, only use eggs that have edible colors on them. If you’ve tried a silk dye activity, used paint or used anything else that is toxic, do not eat the eggs.

Egg Salad

Forget about that mayo heavy egg salad that the kids won’t eat. Try something with a fresh spring theme. Gather together ‘bunny food’ (carrots, lettuce, spinach and other veggies). Slice the salad fixings up and have your child toss it all together in a large bowl. Crack open the eggs and cut them into thin slices or wedges. Add the eggs and pour your favorite dressing on top. For extra flavor, add raisins, dried cranberries or fresh strawberries.

Eggy Grilled Cheese

The kids can’t get enough of your famous grilled cheese sandwiches. Add the eggs in for a special treat. Slice the eggs into thin pieces and place them in between the cheese and the bread. Grill the sandwich as you usually would. Let the kids pick out their favorite kinds of cheese or try different types of bread.

Egg Pizzas

Egg on a pizza? No way! Okay, this recipe is more of a breakfast treat than a real pizza. Start with a toasted piece of pita bread. Layer on a few slices of tomato, sprinkle on grated cheese and top it with the eggs.