Christmas Holiday Breakfast Tradition

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What’s your Christmas holiday tradition? Is it a special breakfast celebration? Whether you already have an existing breakfast plan or are looking for something new, check out these Christmas Day buffet ideas! Not only are they tasty, but they also get the whole gang together. That’s right, these are completely kid-friendly. Along with enjoying the buffet, your child can also help you to prep the meal too.

DIY Donuts

If you’re a baker (or happen to have a donut maker on hand), go ahead and make your own donuts. If not, buy plain ready-made ones. Set out a buffet of topping options—with a Christmas theme! This could include red and green frosting, winter white frosting, red and green sprinkles, white chocolate that you melt and color in reds and greens or fresh red berry topping.

Perfect Pancakes

Cook up plates of pancakes, and then turn them into shapes. How? Use cookie cutters! Make snow people, Santa’s or gift shapes. Like the donut buffet, add a variety of Christmas-themed toppings. Snowflake sprinkles, red and green chocolate chips, gingerbread cookies (try crumbling them on top) and whipped cream (to make a beard of Santa-shaped pancakes) are all options.

Ho Ho Hot Chocolate

Along with the main dishes, you can also include a warm drink. Make traditional hot chocolate or try a white a hot chocolate that the kids color with red and green food coloring or flavored strawberry syrup. Give your family plenty of options to add—such as whipped cream, candy canes (they’ll melt and turn the hot chocolate into a peppermint delight) or colorful marshmallows.