New Year’s Eve Kids’ Mocktail Drinks

tropical drink

While the adults are supping on champagne for New Year’s Eve, what delicious drink are the kids getting? Celebrate the New Year’s holiday with a “mocktail” or two! These are kid-friendly drinks that are completely non-alcoholic. They’re more festive than the typical glass of water or cup of juice, but tasty enough for your child to love.

Shirley Temple

Ah, the old childhood favorite. You can’t get more classic than this one when it comes to mocktails. Add 1 ½ tablespoons of grenadine syrup to ¼ cup of your child’ favorite lemon-lime soda (multiple the recipe to make more). You can also swap in ginger ale for the lemon-lime soda. Drop in a maraschino cherry or two to complete the drink.

Sparkling Berries

Use one cup of your child’s berry pick (cut up strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or any other berry that your child wants), one cup of seltzer water (to add some sparkle) and one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. But all three into a blender, mix them up and serve chilled.

Tropical Treat

Mix one cup of pineapple juice with one cup of orange juice. Add a splash of seltzer (or add to the tropical theme with coconut water) and garnish with a citrus wedge.

Sparkling Fruit Juice and More

Start with sparkling grape juice or apple cider. Add a splash of cranberry juice to turn the drink into a festive and bright hue. If your child isn’t a fan of cranberry juice, mix in a drop of food coloring. Create a rainbow of drinks, dripping in one drop of a different color into each glass. This is perfect for a party! You can even freeze a few ice cubes, adding food coloring to them too. Drop these into the drinks for an extra-festive look.