Easy Purim Recipes for the Whole Family

purim recipe

Get creative in the kitchen, celebrating Purim with your family. Cooking and baking holiday treats doesn’t have to mean that you’re stranded alone, in front of the oven, doing all the work yourself. Make the food prep into a family activity, having the kids help you out. Even though young children can’t use the stove or oven, they can mix and measure. So, what foods can try out this holiday? Check out these Purim goodies!


These triangle-shaped cookies are staples of Purim festivals everywhere. If you’re not a big-time baker, you can use ready-made dough for this one. Fill the cookies by topping dough squares with fruits (such as apricot of apple filling), dates or poppy seed butter. Fold the dough into triangles and bake!

Potato Pancakes

Peel and grate potatoes (four big ones will do). Stir in one egg and a pinch of seasonings (just salt and pepper). Form the mix into balls and smash to make pancake shapes. Fry (in veggie oil) on the stove until the pancakes are cooked completely and crispy around the edges. If you’re looking for a super-easy option, crumple yesterday’s hash browns into a bowl and add the egg and spices instead of grated new potatoes.

Simple Salad

A simple salad is the perfect complement to any Purim meal. Have the kids pull apart a few different types of lettuce (green, red leaf, arugula and more). Chop veggies (or have your teen chop them for you). Then add raisins, dried cranberries and chick peas on top.