Read Across America Day Recipes

reading day

March 2nd marks Read Across America Day. Along with reading, reading and more reading, you can celebrate this special day with a few book-themed treats. These easy recipe ideas are perfect for your child’s school party, a library event or an at-home post-story-time sweet.

Story S’mores

The two graham crackers of a traditional s’more make perfect bookends. Tell a story in sweets with a book-themed treat. Use colors from the book’s pages, a central theme or some other way to turn the s’more into a story. For example, use raspberry jelly or fresh strawberries along with white chocolate and marshmallows to make a “Cat In the Hat” s’more.

Decorated Cake

Make your favorite sheet cake recipe and let your child decorate the top with a frosting drawing of the story. They can re-create a page of a picture book, draw a favorite character or use icing to make the book’s setting.

Word Cupcakes

Frost cupcakes and draw one letter on top of each with icing. Use the cupcakes to spell a sentence from a story or have your child write their own tale — in cupcakes!

Character Cookies

Turn sugar, chocolate, chocolate chip or another favorite cookie into characters from a book. Start with a round cookie as a portrait base (the cookie is shaped like the character’s head). Add candy eyes and frosting hair, a nose and a mouth.