Christmas Cookie and Cupcake Decor for Kids

kids' baking

You’re busy in the kitchen, baking all kinds of Christmas goodies. Now it’s time for the kids to take over. After the baking is done, your mini chef can get the icing out and start decorating. If you’re looking for a few easy ideas, check these Christmas cookie and cupcake decorating options out!

Red and Green

Your toddler isn’t exactly a master with the icing. And that’s frustrating — to them. You want your tot to enjoy the baking process, minus the temper tantrum. Give your kiddo green and red icing, along with a spatula or spoon. Invite your little one to frost the day away. They can spread the red and green all over sugar cookie or onto the tops of cupcakes.

Reindeer Cakes

Use pretzels and vanilla wafers to create cute reindeer-themed cupcakes. Your child can place the cookie on a frosted cupcake. Use two small-sized pretzels as ears. Add candy eyes and a Rudolph red nose with icing.

Santa’s Hats

Frost cookies or cupcakes with red icing. Use mini marshmallows to make the white trim. That’s it! if your child really wants to get fancy, add some sparkle with a sprinkle of red sugar crystals.

Silly Snow People

Line up three cookies or cupcakes. Your child can frost them with white icing. Decorate the snow people with raisins, chocolate pieces or more icing.