National Aviation Day Recipe Ideas

Airplane ride

Celebrate National Aviation Day with a recipe! A recipe? That’s right. When you think of this aircraft themed holiday, food probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind. Making paper airplanes, visiting an airport or taking a tour of a historic airfield museum might all seem like activities that are more connected to this day than cooking. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the kitchen (with your kids!) and create a few National Aviation Day themed treats.

In-Flight Meal

Create a bento box style mini meal that looks like what you’d get on a plain. Pick a few fun finger foods, such as double-stacked sandwiches (cut into bite-sized pieces), carrots and celery or crackers and cheese. Place the food into a compartment-style lunch container or make your own out of a shallow cardboard box (use extra pieces of cardboard as dividers).

Rice Cereal Treats

Mix up a batch of rice cereal treats (you’ll need the cereal, butter and marshmallows). While the mix is still warm, spoon it into airplane-shaped cookie cutters. Let the treats cool, and then use icing to decorate them.

Snack Plain

Turn a few crackers, some fruit and cheese into a creative airplane snack. Make the body of the plain from a block of cheese. Add crackers underneath as wings. Cut another cracker in in half diagonally to make a tale and use grapes to make wheels.