National Grandparent’s Day Culinary Creations for Kids

kids' cooking

Your child’s grandparents are major figures in their life. And that’s why Sept. 9th’s celebration of National Grandparent’s Day is so important. If you’re looking for a fun way to mark this day, try a kids’ cooking activity. Invite grandma and grandpa over for a day filled with kid-created culinary concoctions — supervised by you, of course. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these easy kid-friendly cooking ideas to share with grandma and grandpa.

Healthy Salad

Share the gift of health with your entire family for Grandparent’s Day. Salads are a healthy menu choice, and easy for a child to help put together. The grandparents can chop veggies or fruit, while your child tears apart lettuce or mixes up a batch of homemade dressing. Put it all together to make a nutritious lunch or dinner treat for the entire family.

Cookie Portraits

Bake a patch of sugar cookies, letting your child do the mixing and measuring while grandma or grandpa handles the oven aspect. Set up a decorating buffet, with frosting, different colors of icing (and told to put it on), sprinkles, fruit and anything else you want. Your child can decorate their cookies to look like grandma and grandpa and the grandparents can make theirs look like your child. Exchange cookies at the end of the baking activity.

Switch Sandwiches

What’s grandma’s favorite lunch-time treat? If your child doesn’t know, have them interview their grandparent, asking what type of sandwich they like and why. Reverse roles, and have the grandparent ask the same of your child. Next, make the sandwich faves. Set up a sandwich buffet, allowing every family member to try the other one’s most-loved picks.