International Youth Day Writing Activity for Kids

Photography activity

As International Youth Day draws near, your kids can start thinking about how they’re going to celebrate this special holiday! This day recognizes the accomplishments of young people. With this in mind, your child can put a spotlight on her favorite young person through an engaging interview activity.

Pick a Subject

Who will your child interview? That depends on her. It can be a friend or a sibling – as long as the person is someone who can be considered a “youth.”

Write Questions

Your child can combine general ‘youth’ questions and those that are specific to her subject. Start with something that focuses on International Youth Day, such as, “How do you plan on celebrating this day?” or, “Why do you think it’s important to recognize the accomplishments of young people with a special day?”

Interview the Young Person

Choose a time and have your child sit down face-to-face with her subject. If that’s not possible, try a video chat or phone interview. If the subject lives far away or is crunched for time, your child can use email as a last resort.

Write It Up

After completing the interview, your child can write what was said. Instead of just creating a transcript, she can put pen to paper (or hands to a computer keyboard) and craft a mini biography! Along with the words, your child can snap a few pictures to add to the bio.