International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is on September 8 each year and as set by UNESCO on November 17, 1965 and first celebrated in 1966.

International Literacy Day’s intention is to highlight the significance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies worldwide. On International Literacy Day each year, UNESCO reminds the international community of the status of literacy and adult learning globally.

It is estimated that close to 800 million adults do not possess basic literacy skills and a report from UNESCO shows a clear relationship between illiteracy and countries in severe poverty as well as between illiteracy and prejudice against women.

Celebrations of International Literacy Day have encompassed specific themes, in line with Education For All goals and other United Nations programs such as the United Nations Literacy Decade.

Promote International Literacy Day  by recognizing the importance of literacy in the lives of children and adults by focusing attention in your classroom, your school, and your community.  Spend the day partaking in a readathon, setting up a reading buddy program, or by creating original books to share with others in your community or around the world.