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When is Valentine's Day 2014, Valentine's Day Dates


Happy Valentine's Day! Holidays on the Net is delighted to invite you to join our amorous celebration of the year's most romantic holiday.

Get yourself in the Valentine's Day mood by checking out our articles on everything from the origin of Valentine's Day to Valentine's Day celebrations around the world. We even feature China's unique love celebration, in which the Chinese girls spend the evening preparing a feast of fruits and praying for true love.

If you like to indulge in a Valentine's Day feast, think chocolate: Creamy, dark and delicious chocolate. Come find out the amorous origins of chocolate and then whip up one of our chocolate recipes -- the surest way to win your Valentine's Day heart. If gourmet cooking is more your speed, you will love our recipes for a Valentine's Day feast.

In fact, we have plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine's Day -- from cooking and baking to dating your mate (5 creative date ideas for the romantically-impaired). And don't worry -- you don't have to spend a fortune to show your love how much she or he means to you. Check out our guide to frugal romance and inexpensive gift-giving for some thrifty inspiration.

After filling up on Valentine's Day facts and figures, come test your amore knowledge with our fun Did you know feature? For example, did you know that Cupid was the son of Venus, the Roman god of love? In Greek tradition, he was known as Aphrodite's son.

Help get your little ones into the lovey-dovey mood with our tips for celebrating Valentine's Day with children. They are sure to delight in our holiday craft ideas, coloring pages and guide to making their own Valentine's Day cards. And don't forget to share your love with family and friends by sending one of our free Valentine's Day e-cards.

Everyone needs a Valentine! Be a special someone this year and send Valentine's Day Cards to all your friends and your loved ones.

This year Valentine's Day is celebrated on Friday, February 14, 2014.

 And OHHH.......!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Did You Know?
Fun and Informational Facts & Figures About Valentine's Day
When is Valentine's Day?
The days and dates for Valentine's Day 2009-2020
The Story of Valentine's Day
The Story of Saint Valentine and the Holiday of Love
How did Cupid Become "THE" symbol of Valentine's Day?
Valentine's Day and Cards
The History of the Valentine's Day Card
Chinese Valentine's Day (Qi Qiao Jie)
The seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar is Chinese Valentine's Day
Luv 'round the World
From Toronto to Tokyo, and Brazil to Boston, people all over the world celebrate their love on Valentines Day
Five Romantic Ideas for Valentines Day
It may be cold and dreary outside, but you can make sure that it's warm and snuggly inside by implementing one of these romantic suggestions for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Ideas That Won't Break Your Budget
Despite all the hype and intense commercialization surrounding this February holiday of love, the gifts that ultimately mean the most can cost very little - or nothing at all
How to Date Your Mate on Valentine's Day
It may be cold and dreary outside, but you can make sure that it's warm and snuggly inside by implementing one of these romantic suggestions for Valentine's Day
Chocolate: What is the Love Connection?
Chocolate. Dark, white, milk. Pralines, truffles or nugget. No matter what its form, its creamy dark goodness is virtually synonymous with Valentine's Day.
Cooking with Chocolate: From Sweet to Sinful
Well, as the saying goes: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"!
A Parents Guide to Celebrating Valentine's Day with Your Kids
Try some of these suggestions for crafts, games, stories and meal planning to make this day a sweet and fun memory your children.
Valentines Day Gifts
ProFlowers is a great place to get some unique and affordable gifts for your loved one.

Valentine's Blog
Check out the latest articles and postings about Valentine's from our holiday blog site - Holiday Rap

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Valentine's Day Games
Launch our Holiday Game Player to play your favorite holiday games and more!

Holiday Coloring Pictures
Holiday coloring pictures to print and color. All you'll need to bring are the crayons!

Valentine's Day Recipes
Some fun and tasty Valentine's recipes to help celebrate the holiday

Valentine's Day Crafts
Fun and entertaining craft projects to help celebrate your Valentine's

Make Your Valentine's Card
Homemade Valentine's Day cards to print and color

Valentine's Day Greeting Cards
Send your friends and family FREE Valentine's eGreeting cards

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