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Valentine's Day Recipes

Nothing says "I love you" like a romantic meal, a sweet dessert or sexy nightcap. If you want to win the way to your Valentine's heart, try going through his or her stomach with one of our cupid-inspired recipes.

Valentine's Day @ Holidays Eats Here are some Valentine's Day recipes from our Holiday Recipe site - Holiday Eats - to help make your holiday a fun and tasty one!

Valentine's Day @ Holidays Eats Visit our holiday recipe site, Holiday Eats, for more Valentine's Day and all your holiday recipes.

Do you have a great Valentine's Day or other holiday recipe? Easily share your tasty holiday recipes with us @ Holiday Eats.

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13:26 01/04/2010
jada from Mississippi, US
17:51 02/14/2009
you is good GOD LOVES YOU
Kartik Paswan from India
14:13 02/06/2009
1st of all Happy Valentine's Day. This piture is Sooooo GooooooD.. Iloke It very much......!!!!!
marissa from South Dakota, US
11:41 02/06/2009
i love this page
carla ruiz from Texas, US
11:33 02/06/2009
i love this page your the best
roberta from Europe
16:12 01/12/2009
aqui en europa en san valentin las parejas se regalan bombones y a veces unas cartas romanticas.
monlay1020 from Myanmar
01:19 12/28/2008
I want beautiful photo. i give my lover.Help! me
09:12 02/18/2008
I miss you terribly this day of love, Miss you with a wound that stabs and aches. I see the love around me, and it takes So much strength simply just to move. Soon, soon, my love, this waiting will be done. You and I will have what we desire. On days like this we'll sit beside the fire, Undoing all the pain of days long gone. " HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL VALENTIER."LOVE RUKHSANA
10:14 02/14/2008
happy valentine to you .je t'ame.ilham
10:19 02/13/2008
Fondue (either cheese & wine and/or chocolate) would be nice.

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