President’s Day Mount Rushmore Kids’ Activities

Mt Rushmore

Celebrate President’s Day with an art activity! Help your child to learn about more than one president with a Mount Rushmore project. Go online and research Mt. Rushmore, and the presidents that it depicts. Then, help your little learner to try one of these imaginative art activities.

Mini Model

Your child can make her own version of Mount Rushmore – using clay! Use stone-colored modeling clay to sculpt the presidents who are on the original monument. Help your child to create one face for each president, then press them onto a mountain of clay. Another option is to cover crumbled newspaper with paper mache, let it dry and paint it. Then, press or glue the clay faces on to the top.

Presidential Portraits

Give your creative kiddo construction paper, pencils, markers or crayons. She can draw one president per piece of paper. Hang the pictures up next to each other, making your own Mount Rushmore wall.

Collage Art

As you research the presidents who are on Mount Rushmore, save some of the pictures that your child finds. Print photos of the monument or drawings of the presidents. Cut the pictures into shapes and glue them onto poster board, making a President’s Day collage!