Valentine’s Day Alphabet Heart Card Art for Preschoolers


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a heartfelt greeting. Instead of a store-bought card, your child can craft their own artsy version. This holiday activity is perfect for young preschoolers who are just beginning to explore art, build fine motor skills and learn about letters.

Arts and Crafts Materials You’ll Need

  • Construction paper
  • Safety scissors
  • Crayons
  • Letter stencils- if you don’t want to buy letter stencils you can make your own (bubble letters) using scrap cardboard and scissors.

How To Valentine’s Card Art Steps

  1. Fold an 8×11-inch piece of white or light pink construction paper in half, book style. Help your child to draw half a heart, starting at the center fold. Not only is this an awesome art activity for young children, but it also doubles as a math lesson. Talk to your child about shapes (hearts in this case) and fractions (use the half a heart to help your child to understand the concept in a concrete way). If your child can’t draw the shape, you can draw it with a pencil and have your preschooler trace it with a crayon.
  2. Cut the heart out.
  3. Open the heart.
  4. Write “Happy Valentine’s Day” or something similar on the front of the heart. Your child can use the stencils to write their own message.