Arbor Day Recipes for Kids

Arbor Day

It’s almost Arbor Day! Okay, so it may not be as well-known or as celebrated as Christmas or Easter. But, it’s a special day that teaches an amazing lesson. Your child can learn about why trees are so important and what she can do to support her planet. Along with learning about trees, take this day as a time to show your child how useful they can be. These kid-friendly recipes are easy ways to get your child into the kitchen, and spend some quality time together. And, they also use fruits from different trees!

No-Bake Apple Pie

Instead of using the oven to bake a pie, this recipe lets your child help you without worrying about the heat. Pick your child’s favorite apple, or examine a few different types (and the trees they come from). Slice the apple. Cover graham crackers with a smear of cream cheese or peanut butter. Press the apple slices on top. Another option is to use mini ready-made graham pie crusts instead. Coat the bottom of the crust in cream cheese and fill it with the apples.

Cherry Sundae

Cut up cherries, removing the pits. Mix the cherries into vanilla ice cream. Top the ice cream with chocolate cherry sauce. Squeeze cherry juice into chocolate syrup for an easy homemade topping. Add sprinkles, whipped cream and (of course) a cherry on top.

Pear Pudding

Turn regular vanilla pudding into an extra-tasty treat with pears. Crush the pears in a food processor, stopping before they’re liquefied. Spoon them into the pudding or use them as a fresh topping.