How To Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

administrative day

Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April. Each year we recognize office professionals who works as secretaries, assistants and in other administrative roles. Whether you’re the boss or part of the office team, celebrating Administrative Professionals Day should include more than a card, house plant with a bow on it or bouquet of flowers. How can you recognize the administrative pros in your life?

Make lunch extra special.

Everyone takes their administrative assistant out to lunch. You want to do something that goes above and beyond. Set up an in-office buffet that features everyone’s favorite foods (or go with a theme, such as around the world). If you really want to get creative, move the cubicles apart, throw down a few blankets have an all-office picnic.

Set up a sundae bar.

Lunch is done, now what? Bring in a few flavors of ice cream, add a cup or two of sprinkles and set out everything from chocolate sauce to mini marshmallows and gummi bears.

Team-build today.

Bring management and the administrative personnel together with a team-building activity. Stage an office obstacle course, have a relay race or create a building-wide scavenger hunt.

Build a more creative basket.

Giving your administrative assistant a gift basket doesn’t have to equal the same old thing. Bling out brand new office supplies and craft a bedazzled notebook or make a sequined stapler, or think of some of the administrative pro’s favorite foods, creating a tasteful basket that they’ll truly enjoy.