Columbus Day Kids’ Discovery Craft

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The second Monday of every October marks Columbus Day. Commemorating Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas, this holiday isn’t always seen as festive. If you remember learning that Columbus ‘discovered’ America in grade school history class, you aren’t alone. Contemporary kids now know that Columbus didn’t exactly land in the continental U.S. That said, celebrating a ‘discovery’ day is a festive way to view this somewhat controversial holiday. With that in mind, you can help your child to create a pretend play telescope to make his own discoveries!


  • A cardboard tube — Your child can reuse an empty paper towel tube.
  • Felt sheet pieces
  • Clear-drying school glue
  • Scissors


  1. Cut a few different colors of craft felt into pieces that fit around the tube.
  2. Draw glue lines onto the back of the first piece of felt.
  3. Wrap the tube, starting at the bottom, with the felt.
  4. Repeat for the next pieces. Continue until your child covers the entire tube with felt. Each layer gives the tube a ‘telescoping’ effect.
  5. Allow the felt to completely dry on the tube. This may take one hour or more.
  6. Create a pretend play discovery scene! Invite your child to use the tube, looking through to make discoveries in your home and outdoors.