Flag Day Fun: Ideas for Families

Flag Day

Are you celebrating Flag Day? While it may not be as widely celebrated as July 4th, this patriotic holiday puts the spotlight on the creation and adoption of the stars and stripes. What can you do with the kids to mark this very special all-American holiday?

Get crafty.

Craft a flag! Use cardboard, poster board or construction paper as a background. Add tempera paint with a brush or finger paint on the red and white stripes, blue rectangle and white stars. Your child can also use tissue paper to make a collage or craft felt for a textured fabric flag.

Go on a walk.

Take a trip around your neighborhood or city. Look for American flags. Let your child snap a few pictures of the flags that she finds on your Flag Day walk.

Cook together.

Layer a red, white and blue trifle with strawberries, whipped topping, sponge cake and blueberries. If you want to bake a few goodies, let the kids frost patriotic cupcakes (or add sprinkles) or add red and blue food coloring to sugar cookies. Place the cookies on a tray, creating a flag out of them.

Write an essay.

Research the American flag with your child, and have her write a report on it. You can go the strict informational route or have her create an essay based on how the flag makes her feel.

Fly a flag.

Hang your own flag in front of your home!