Groundhog Day Activities for Kids

Groundhog animal

Winter’s almost over! Or, is it? Groundhog Day is coming up. That means Punxsutawney Phil is about to let us all know if it’s an early spring, or not. In celebration of Phil, try these Groundhog Day kids’ activities!

Act It Out

Create a pretend play scene where your child plays the role of Phil. Have him stand outside or near a light, and look to see if he can find his shadow. Ask your child to move like he thinks a groundhog would or make groundhog noises.

Shadow Science

What makes a shadow? Help your little learner to better understand the science of shadows and the sun. Ask your child how he thinks shadows form. Then experiment with light and shadows. Go outside and stand in the sun, casting a shadow. Mark where the shadow falls on the ground. Go back outside in an hour, stand in the same place and mark where the new shadow falls. Keep going, marking the shadow as it moves (or rather, as the sun moves).

Phil Portrait

Use brown felt or craft fur to create a portrait of Phil. Your creative kiddo can draw a groundhog onto a piece of poster board, and then collage the felt/fur over it with glue.