International Day for Biological Diversity Activities for Kids

biological diversity

May 22nd marks International Day for Biological Diversity. Created to bring awareness to biodiversity issues, this day provides the perfect opportunity to help your child learn about the world around her. What can you do at home to celebrate Biological Diversity Day?

Habitat Diorama

Turn a shoe box into any habitat your child wants. Try a snow-filled Arctic tundra, a desert, a grassy savannah or the ocean. Paint the inside of the box with temperas, creating a background. Add plants and animals with paper and modeling clay. Make several different habitats to help your child see the diversity that the planet has to offer.

Animal Puppets

Use paper bags to make crafty creature puppets. Pick an array of animals and decorate the bags to look like them. Use the flap (bottom of the bag) as the face. Decorate the bags with markers or crayons. Or, cut pieces of craft felt and glue them on.

Outdoor Adventure

Take a sketchbook and markers outside and draw what you see. Ask your child to look at the biological diversity around her, and take note of what she sees. She can sit under a tree and draw the outdoor world, including the animals, insects and plants!