Kids’ Art Activities for World Meteorological Day


How can you help your creative kiddo to celebrate World Meteorological Day–in a crafty way? March 23rd marks this international weather-related day. From drawing and painting to sculpting with clay, check out the these artsy ways for children to learn about the weather!

Weather Portrait

What type of weather is right outside your window or in your yard? Start with a careful observation of the weather. Ask your child to describe everything they see. After they’ve assessed the day’s weather, they’re ready to draw and paint. Start with a blank piece of white poster paper. Your child can use crayons, markers or colored pencils to draw a “portrait” of the weather outside. After drawing the scene, your child can use tempera paints to add color.

Sun and Rain Sculptures

Your little artist can sculpt the sun and rain–using soft modeling clay. Give your kiddo yellow, orange and blue clay. They can roll the yellow clay into a sphere and flatten it to create a sun. Use the orange clay to add rays. Roll the blue clay into another sphere. As your child flattens this modeling clay ball, they can sculpt a point at one end. The end result is a shape that looks like an over-sized raindrop.

Clay Paintings

Do you have leftover clay? Use the clay to “paint” a weather picture onto cardboard. Cut the front off of an old box. Your child can draw a weather picture with pencils onto the board. Pull the clay apart into dime-sized pieces. Next, help your child to spread the clay finger painting-style across the board.