Kids’ Paint Print Art for Flag Day or July 4th

Paint print

Do you need a simple kids’ art activity for Flag Day or July 4th? This paint print flag helps kids create a red, white and blue work of art, while also teaching them about colors, patterns and textures. The best part is they don’t even need a brush! Instead of the traditional way of painting, this project lets your kiddos use cut p kitchen sponges to apply the paint to the paper.


  • Red, white and blue tempera paints
  • A kitchen sponge
  • Scissors
  • White card stock paper (or poster board)


  1. Pour the paint into golf ball-sized puddles. Use a palette, paper plate or a piece of wax paper to hold the tempera.
  2. Cut the sponge apart into three pieces. Size them so that they are about the size of your child’s thumb.
  3. Dip one of the pieces in the blue paint. Your child can continue this printing process until she makes a rectangle in the upper left corner of the paper.
  4. Repeat the paint printing with the red paint (and a new sponge), making stripes on the white part of the paper.
  5. Dip the last sponge piece into the white paint. Use this to make ‘stars’ in the blue area of the flag. Your child doesn’t need to make exact star shapes.