World Philosophy Day Activities for Families


November 18 marks World Philosophy Day. Celebrate this holiday with your family in a very special way. Even though your littles can’t fully philosophize, they can still take part in a day of themed activities. If you’re not sure what to do or how to involve younger kids in a Philosophy Day celebration, check out these easy ideas!

Read Books

Choose a few of your favorite philosophers and find age-appropriate books to share with your kids. Stage a family story time and read the books interactively. Ask your children questions and give them plenty of time to respond. Take this activity a step farther and encourage your creative kiddos to draw portraits of the philosophers or write their own book reports.

Have a Debate

Select a family-friendly topic and hold a debate at home. Make teams or let each person debate on their own. Appoint one of the family members as a moderator and get ready for a fun-filled family debate.

Create Posters

Pick a topic of philosophical significance and create posters to accompany it. Design one poster as a family or ask each person to make their own. Start with large-sized poster board paper. Use colored pencils, markers, crayons or tempera paints to add a design. Write a philosophical quote at the top, add the date and save the posters as a way to make this day every year.