World Post Day Stamp Activity

kids' stamp craft

October 9th marks World Post Day. Each year this ‘day’ brings postal issues and products to light across the globe. While there aren’t presents or costumes, your child can create a postal themed craft. Before beginning the art-making, talk to your child about the post office. With today’s heavy reliance on technology, it’s likely that your child doesn’t give much thought to the postal service. Other than the yearly Christmas card from grandma or an occasional package delivery, email, texts and other electronic communications are becoming more the norm. Put the postal service back into your child’s mind and create an imaginative over-sized stamp craft!


  • Card stock paper
  • Clear-drying school glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers


  1. Fold a piece of white card stock in half, book-style.
  2. Cut half of a rectangle with scalloped edges. Start at the center fold.
  3. Open the paper to reveal the backing of the stamp.
  4. Cut a rectangle that is slightly smaller than the scalloped one out of another piece of card stock.
  5. Create a stamp design. Your child can choose a portrait of a person (famous, historical or imaginary), an object (such as a flower or a toy) or a place. Draw the design on the paper with markers.
  6. Add the price of the stamp – this can be real or fictional.
  7. Glue the drawing onto the scalloped card stock to complete the craft.