World No Tobacco Day Kids’ Activities

no tobacco

May 31st marks World No Tobacco Day. While this day is dedicated to the cessation of smoking, it’s also the ideal opportunity to help your child understand the dangers of tobacco products. How can you help your little learner to get a grip on why smoking is bad for them — or anyone, for that matter? Take a look at the easy activities that will help your young child to gain knowledge of the dangers of tobacco use.

Illustrated Answers

After discussing the dangers of smoking and tobacco use, have your child draw what you’ve talked about. Give your child crayons, markers, colored pencils or any other drawing tool and construction paper. Review each point that you’ve made, and have your child illustrate it with their own creative drawing. After they’re done, you can staple the pages together to create an anti-smoking book.

Real Rules

Create a list of tobacco-free rules for everyone in the house to follow. Give your child a piece of poster board and markers to list out the guidelines. If your child is too young to write on their own, you can write the rules as you read them to your child. After writing them, your child can trace over the letters with a marker.

Create a Quiz

Write your own anti-tobacco quiz to give to your child. After talking about tobacco use (or reading a book about it), have your child take the test to demonstrate their level of knowledge.

World no tabacco day. - Vintage Photograph 1378915 picture

World no tabacco day. - Vintage Photograph 1378915