Chinese New Year Lantern Craft

New Year

The Chinese New Year starts on February 8th. 2016 marks the year of the Fire Monkey. Unlike the Gregorian calendar’s new year (i.e., January 1), the Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year. Celebrate this year by making a (not-so-traditional) Chinese lantern. Paper lanterns have been used in China for centuries. Your child can get crafty and create his or her own version. Even though these lanterns don’t really light, your child can still hang them up and decorate the house for the new year!


  • Card stock paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Clear-drying school glue
  • Glitter or glitter ribbon


  1. Position the paper horizontally. Fold it in half, from bottom to top.
  2. Starting at the fold, cut slits in the paper. Cut upwards, stopping about an inch from the top of the paper.
  3. Unfold the paper. Glue the glitter or glitter ribbon to the top and bottom.
  4. Roll the paper around to create the lantern shape. The fold should be at the center.
  5. Tape the lantern at the seam. Press it down, making the fold stick out.
  6. Cut a strip of paper to make a handle. Tape the handle inside the top of the lantern (use staples if the tape won’t stick).
  7. Optional: Glue or tape a few strands of ribbon from the bottom of the lantern.