Build A Matzah House for Passover

Passover activity

Celebrate Passover with a fun-filled kids’ activity! Think gingerbread house building – Passover style. Instead of sheets of cookies, swap in matzah. Check out the creative ways your kids can build their own “matzah houses” and try out these easy tips.

What You’ll Need

Obviously, you’ll need matzah. Keep the sheets whole, letting your child break them in half or into pieces for building. You’ll also need something to hold the matzah walls (and roof) together. You can go one of two ways here – sweet or savory. If you chose sweet, frosting, cream cheese or honey will work. If savory is what your child is into, hummus or a dip with a similar consistency is the way to go. Along with the basics, you’ll also need to choose extras to add on.

Add Ons

What should your child add to her Passover matzah house? Anything she wants! She can add candy (those sugared jelly slices work wonders), sliced fruit or sliced veggies. Cut the extra ingredients and press them onto the house using the sweet or savory “mortar.” Your child can make windows, a door or decorative embellishments.

Other Options

Instead of building one house, help your child to build an entire neighborhood. Set the house/houses up near your Seder table or use them as creative centerpieces. Use savory houses as appetizers or first courses and the sweet ones as dessert.