Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper Craft

Wrapping paper

DIY Christmas gift wrap is an easy craft for the kids and shows that special holiday spirit! Instead of buying bulk rolls of ready-made paper, create your own artsy version. This simple project lets the kids personalize paper for presents, making a statement with stampers and paints. You can mix and match different colors of paper and paint, along with changing up the stampers. This lets your child make different kinds of gift wrap for different family members. Grandma gets Christmas trees, while Aunt Ethel gets jungle bells.


  • Plain gift wrap or rolled paper – use white or choose a Christmas-themed solid such as red or green
  • Tempera paint – use Christmas colors or go with metallic silver and gold
  • Sponges – you can use regular (new) kitchen sponges
  • A marker
  • Scissors
  • Paper plates


  1. Draw a design onto the sponge with the marker. Your child can draw the design freehand or use a template/stencil.
  2. Cut the shape out.
  3. Pour a pool of paint onto the paper plate.
  4. Press the sponge into the paint, covering one side only.
  5. Unroll the paper. Press the paint-covered sponge onto it.
  6. Gently peel the sponge off of the paper to leave behind a print. You can add embellishments (such as Christmas tree decor) with a brush and more paint.
  7. Repeat, making more designs. Use one color or switch it up and choose a few.