Art Activities for International Literacy Day

child drawing

Obviously, reading a book is “the” way to celebrate International Literacy Day. But, that’s not the only activity that your child can do on this book-filled day. What else can your kiddo do to mark this holiday? Check out these artsy ideas that connect to literacy themes and help your child to take part in International Literacy Day!

Character Portrait

Start with a story. After reading the book, your child can choose one character to highlight. Help them to list attributes (both physical and personality) that the character has. Now have your child start drawing. Use pens, markers, pencils or crayons to create a portrait of the character. If your child wants to add on to the drawing, use tempera paints or cut tissue paper and collage it onto the portrait with glue.

Setting Diorama

Turn an old shoe box into the place where a favorite story was held. Pick a place from a book and try to recreate it in a reused box. Open the box, remove the lid and position it on its side. Draw a background onto the inside of the box and paint it to add color. Make scenery, add characters or embellish the diorama with clay figures.

Major Mural

Unroll a large piece of butcher paper or use plain white gift wrap as a backdrop. Your child can create a super-sized mural that features an entire scene from a story. Include characters, places and everything else that plays into the book’s narrative.