President’s Day Kids’ Activities

President's Day

President’s Day is right around the corner. The banks are closed, there might not be garbage pick-up and the kids don’t have school. You can skip a day cashing checks or setting out cans for the trash truck, but what about your kids? Instead of spending the day stuck in front of the TV, check out these President’s Day activities that can keep your children entertained (and educated!) on their day off.

Presidential play. Grab dad’s suit jacket, make a mock beard using craft felt and use those old hats from Halloween costumes to pretend play a president’s day.

Go to a museum. Explore our country’s origins at your local history center or seek out presidential portraits at the art museum.

Watch some wax. While visiting real wax statues is ideal, the kids can also spend some time at home seeing these doubles by visiting the National Presidential Wax Museum’s website.

Create with coins. Who’s on the penny? What about the quarter? Take out your loose change and ask the kids to find the pictures of the presidents. Make a portrait out of pennies, by lining them up in Lincoln’s shape or use crayons for coin rubbings.

Write a report. Research one president and have the kids pen a paper. Younger children can write a few sentences or draw a picture that shows a presidential accomplishment. Older children can go more in-depth, crafting a biography.

Make a Mt. Rushmore. Use modeling clay to sculpt president’s on a mini at-home mountain.