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Miriam's Cup

Several new Passover seder rituals are being adopted by Jewish familes to honor the role of Miriam, Moses's sister and the Prophetess in the Exodus, and to highlight the contributions of women to Jewish culture, both past and present.

A second cup, called Miriam's Cup, is being added to the Passover dinner table along with Elijah's Cup. Miriam's Cup is filled with water and symbolizes the miracle of Miriam's well, which sustained the Israelites during their long journey in the desert.

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Marcus from United Kingdom (Great Britain)
14:24 01/28/2010
This site has helped me greatly in my study of the Passover project. I am a year 8 student in England and thank you sincerely.
Margarete from Wisconsin, US
19:03 04/08/2009
Your site is AMAZING!! I teach at a Catholic school and have been working to prepare my 8th graders for sharing the Passover/Seder rituals with our 2nd graders as a way of honoring the fact that Jesus was a devout Jew. Your website will help all of us learn SO much about the Jewish faith. THANK YOU!!
star#1 from New York, US
18:13 04/01/2009
i am so happy i found this web site i needed to know this stuff for school tomorrow and know i am not afraid to tell evey one about what i found online
stephanie b from New Jersey, US
15:52 12/11/2008
I am a Roman Catholic and teach religious education to pre teens. I was asked to explain Passover ( it is our belief that what we call Holy Thursday - the day of the Last Supper, Jesus and his diciples, being Jews, were celebrating Passover). I realized that I was not able to explain all of the details of Passover or to answer their questions as completely as I'd like. I found your web site and have learned a lot! Thank you for a beautiful, informative website. I can't wait to go to class on Monday and teach what I have learned as well as to learn more about the Jewish faith. We are Christians, Christ -followers, but we teach our children to understand that as Christians, our religious heritage or ancestry is from the Jews. Also, didn't know about the missing "o". Makes so much sence - and now that I've learned this - you're right, it would be very uncomfortable to discard the name of our Lord. God Bless!
charles p. freeman
10:29 04/19/2008
Why not set out a cup for Jochebed, Moses' mother, as well? Come on, people. Get over yourselves.
Robin Bass
21:56 04/16/2008
I'm very glad I found this site before Passover, as I am leading the seder and have been searching for a haggadah such as this - something short but written in a way that addresses what I want in a seder - like Miriam's cup,genderless, spiritual and fun with music, crafts, etc. Thanks

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