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The Passover Seder Plate

The centerpiece of the Passover Seder table is the Seder plate, a special plate containing 5 foods that remind us of the struggle of the Israelites in their quest and journey to freedom.

These five food are....

Parsley (dipped in salt water)
Roasted egg
Shank Bone
Bitter herbs

A mixture of chopped walnuts, wine, cinnamon and apples that represents the mortar the Jewish slaves used to assemble the Pharaoh's bricks.

Symbolizing Springtime, it is dipped in salt water to remind us of for the tears of the Jewish slaves.

Another symbol of Spring.

Shank Bone
Symbolic of the sacrificial lamb offering, the bone can come from whatever the family is eating, such as the leg bone of a roasted turkey.

Bitter Herb
Freshly grated horseradish reflects the bitter affliction of slavery.

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ANJI, JACK, ALICE, JOSH from United Kingdom (Great Britain)
13:25 05/23/2011
thnxx bares this info just saves us from failing rs tests lolz :) funny scotland and england do same stuff n topics @the same time
Maayan from Canada
13:25 04/14/2011
the egg symbolises the hagiga - holiday offering in the Temple; and the shank bone itself is not eaten during the Seder.
Debbie from Ohio, US
11:39 04/07/2011
Why do some people put an orange on the seder plate?
14:34 11/03/2010
thanks for this web my hwk is done this is very helpful
20:30 08/03/2010
sup this website is very usful. it saved my life. thxz aton 4 the info
10:33 04/26/2010
What are the symbols?
Cole and troy from Iowa, US
15:18 03/18/2010
this website rocks for projects!!! we are using this for Ancient civil!
Eric pikovsky from Hawaii, US
17:01 03/15/2010
dude this web is asome u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is very good info. If you need to know what is in the passover seder plate and what it means, this is good.thankyou bab
MeredithAnddLeahh x from United Kingdom (Great Britain)
05:35 01/27/2010
Thankkyouu! Im doin this subject for myRE assesment an this helped us loads.
leah and merideth sjp from United Kingdom (Great Britain)
05:32 01/27/2010
this s cool :D it helpped us alott ;D

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