Decorating Easter Eggs with a Difference

Tired of the same old egg dyeing techniques? Here are some fun and original ways to decorate Easter eggs eggdyewith your children. Remember that eggs decorated with non-food based products should not be eaten. Chemicals leach through the shell, rendering the hard-boiled egg inside inedible.

Tissue Paper Eggs

Using tissue paper adds greater dimensionality to your eggs. Older children can cut tissue paper into small squares by themselves; for younger children, parents should precut the tissue.

What you need:

Multiple sheets of different colored tissue paper
White craft glue
Paint brush
Hard-boiled eggs

What you do:

1.Cut small 1/4-inch squares from the different colored tissue papers.
2.Using paint brush, paint a thin coating of white craft glue over the shell of the egg.
3.Pinch squares of paper and affix to the egg in any pattern you wish.

Stained Glass Eggs

Use inexpensive nail polish to create a beautiful stained glass effect on the shell of a hard boiled egg.

Paint eggs in a well-ventilated area. Young children should be closely supervised, as nail polish can be toxic if ingested.

What you need:

Hard Boiled Eggs
Nail Polish in several different colors
Paper/plastic bowl

What you do:

1.Fill the bowl half-way with cold water. Put a few drop of nail polish in the bowl. It will disperse over the top of the water.
2.Quickly dip the egg into the water. Remove and let dry on a paper towel. (Less than 5 minutes.)
3.Rinse out bowl and repeat with another color of polish.
4.Repeat until the egg achieves the look you desire.

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Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

These beautiful eggs are a great way to use up all those bits of broken crayons you would otherwise throw away.

All Natural Easter Eggs

You can create beautiful eggs simply by boiling them with food products you have at home.